image/svg+xml 48.2 67 BHP623E10X 514443
Annual Energy Consumption - AEChood48,2 kWh/a
Fluid Dynamic Efficiency - FDE10,5 %
Fluid Dynamic Efficiency classE
Light Efficiency - LEhood47,7 lux/W
Lighting Efficiency ClassA
Grease Filtering Efficiency - GFEhood98,7 %
Grease Filtering Efficiency classA
A-waighted Sound Power Emission at minimum speed144 m³/h
Maximum Air Flow in normal use328 m³/h
Air Flow at intensive/boost setting-
A-waighted Sound Power Emission at minimum speed-
A-waighted Sound Power Emission at maximum speed67 dB(A) re 1pW
A-waighted Sound Power Emission at intensive or boost speed-
Power consumption off mode - Po-
Power consumption in standby mode - Ps-
Time increase factor1,6
Energy Efficiency Index -EEI81,4
Measured air flow rate at best efficiency point - Qbep185,8 m³/h
Measured air pressure at best efficiency point - Pbep150,0 Pa
Maximum air flow - Qmax328 m³/h
Measured electric power input at best efficiency point - Wbep73,9 W
Nominal power of the lighting system - WL6,0 W
Average illumination of the lighting system on the cooking surface - Eaverage286,0 lux